Monday, July 2, 2007

Outsource Data Entry Services at Data Entry India

Outsourcing Data Entry Services has become a widespread practice among the worldwide organizations. Most of the companies have to process a large amount of information in their day to day activities. As they don’t get enough time to effectively process and manage data, they prefer to outsource data entry works. Outsourcing means hiring freelancer or a company to complete the data entry work. It makes data management easy.

Summary of Quality Data Entry Related Services at Data Entry India.

Data Conversion Services:

● Document Conversion ultimate
● XML Conversion
● SGML Conversion
● PDF conversion
● HTML conversion
● Catalog Conversion
● Book Conversion
● Document Conversion

Data Processing Services:

● Form Processing
● Image Processing
● Survey Processing
● Insurance Claim Processing
● Check Processing
● Credit Card Processing

Web Research Services :

● Compilation of Mailing Lists
● Searching Internet for Relevant Information
● Web Information Extraction
● Addresses of Potential Customers
● Online Data Entry
● Business Data Entry
● Accounting & Book Keeping
● Online Product & Market Research
● Data from Web to Excel, MS Word etc.

Outsourcing data entry to India is an ideal option as it assures data entry services at 99.99% accuracy. The operating costs are very low when compared to other countries. Other advantage of considering India for outsourcing data entry services is fast turn-around-time. In short, outsourcing data entry to India ensures quality, flexibility and competitive advantage.

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