Monday, July 2, 2007

Data Entry Pro - It's Not a Scam, But It's Definitely Not Honest!

I was searching throuch today and I noticed Data Entry PRO was the #1 Affiliate program under the Business to Business category. So I decided to look at their website and see what the program was all about. Initially, I was very impressed with what I had read. The site seemed to explain that all I would have to do is sign up for companies and fill out small forms to help the company promote it's products. It also stated tha when the company made a profit from me, that I would recieve anywhere from 50% to 75% of the sale. Then I noticed an example of an online form that I would be filling out....

This is when things started to smell a bit fishy....

The online form that they were showing had a striking resemblance to a Google Adwords advertisement form. Nevertheless, I continued to read on and I discovered that I would be paid for my services twice a week through Clickbank (remember the 50-75% commission!?!?). I said to myself: "Why the hell would these companies be paying me through Clickbank??"

Then it hit me.....

This program isn't "Data Entry", it's running an ad campaign promoting Clickbank products!!!! Not once in the entire sales letter did it mention anything about promoting Clickbank products or the fact that you have to spend money on Google Adwords advertisements!!

So I did a Google search for Data Entry PRO, and along with many affiliates promoting the product, there were just as many forums advising people to steer clear!

Sure, you can make money promoting Clickbank products with Adwords, but it is not anywhere near as easy as they make it seem in their misleading sales letter!! For example, say you're promoting a product that will pay you $20 per sale. Assuming you don't have a website (which will cost you as well!!), you would need to run an ad campaign to bring in some sales. For decent affiliate programs, you could probably expect to pay around $0.50 to get on the top two pages in the Google Sponsored Results. Now considering your commission of $20, you would need to convert 1 in 40 visitors just to break even. Therefore, making a decent profit might be a difficult task!!

So you can see that this isn't a scam per se, but the owner of Data Entry PRO is definitely not being honest about what you are required to do to make money. I think it's awful that so many people are affiliating themselves and writing favourable reviews (like many articles are on for this program.....Do you even know what you are promoting

If you take anything away from this article, remember this: Always research a product before purchasing. You'll save yourself alot of money and sanity!!

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